The Journey Begins

Open, honest, willing to express what is in my heart. Comments welcome.

Rebel Christian


Let me say hello! ***And reintroduce myself, I am a Christian blogger who wants to share the mercy, grace and love of a God who saves.. who saved me!***

The Idea Behind.. 

Not all Christians come prim and proper, do we? No! Most anyone who has found their way to true faith come in pretty tattered. I did. Ink on skin, clothes worn, face scowled. I came. I fell. I believed. I rose again. And those tattoos stayed, maybe even a few more to be added. I am still a child of God and today I reflect that in how I live, not how I look.

And thus… 

Rebel Christian comes to fruition. A place that 1st existed in my thoughts to take the beauty of the God I know and the uniqueness of each of us.. and create a welcome place for us all. I hope.. though you may…

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