An Introduction

Updated, honest, continuing to grow. Comments appreciated. Thank you and blessings!

Rebel Christian

Learning to express myself again, learning to use my words for His glory.

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Okay, so where was I when I even started thinking about putting pen to paper again? Why am I blogging today? 1st know I have always wanted to write, I used to write, but I stopped. I allowed someone to make me feel as if I was not good enough and put the pen down. I tucked my words and then myself away.

I was lost, but now am found. I had nothing inside to express, I was empty, but now am filled with His grace and love. I am being pulled to write again, I know I need to follow this calling.

**Look for future blogs that highlight in more detail where I was when I stopped writing and why, this is meant to be the introduction to many topics I…

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