Happy New Year’s 2019

Hi everyone,

This blog won’t be long. It is just a quick note to each of you wishing you a wonderful New Year’s and the very best to each of us for 2019.

Something is clicking for me and this opportunity in blogging and I know I need to take it. I was not happy with my last post so, like any self critical artist or writer, I deleted it. I am so glad I did though! It was not me and it was definitely not the message I want to build.

2019 is a year of definition for me and this blog was to be a reflection of that. I typically post every other week, this week being my bye week; however I am giving myself the next two weeks to revamp my message and my blog site. Look for some awesome changes the following weekend and thank you to all who follow and show your support!

Let me know in the comments how you were able to find your message, what changes you did for your writing, art, etc. I am looking forward to learning from each of you!

Peace and blessings!


Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s 2019

  1. I guess I don’t teally think about my message as much as I think about my niche. I went very specific “half marathon running at a 10 minute mile pace” is my niche, message and purpose. Sure I spill into other topics, ran a full marathon, 5Ks, etc.

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