She Believed She Could & She Did

Well she at least got started.. and as I was always toldStart where you stand


Everyone is always talking about their #WIP, their works in progress; how many words they wrote, feedback of what they are up to. So I thought it would be nice to tell you about mine, a little piece I call >ME<. I am a #WIP. Each day I add another page to my story. Each night I look back and reflect on where I am up to. I look at my positives, what I have packed into the stream of life today, the high points of my story. I look at the lows, where I may even need to go back and rewrite or edit a part (work on myself or fix something I could have done better). I am always thankful for another page.

Blogging itself has brought me even to a whole new chapter! It has given me a chance to share with others my story and connect with others who have similar pages in their tales. It’s all about identification!

In my 1st blog I said how this would be a journey of finding me. While I have learned lots of who I am not it is now time to discover and build who I am . I have already begun to meet so many amazing people and do new things, push new boundaries and break existing beliefs about myself! So then, what is next for me on this path?


Enter – again attraction – a woman more further along on her own journey, a new friend and now business associate, Yasmine, whom introduced me to Younique Beauty Products, an empowering and wonderful opportunity to build myself and help others. Now this is not an advertisement or somehow morphing into a makeup tutorial blog. No, I am not a makeup artist or professional by any means! Even more interesting part of my path here and choice to join the company I should add.

I am really someone who wears too may ponytails, trades that in for a messy bun and is blessed she has never gouged an eye out with a mascara brush. I would easily trade in a Pilates day for pizza and shoes for bare feet and my husband’s sweat pants.

I said from the beginning though this is a blog about finding me, right? And even I would love to know how I look in a red dress, black heels and that perfect curl. Ok, well… that may be way in the future, for now… bring on the color palettes, sparkly flats and darker jeans! It is baby steps.

We all can’t start as professionals, but if you want a few laughs, a few lessons, to learn together you may be interested in following my writing and business journey. I would hope that you are as we all can have so much to learn from one another!

Thank you Yasmine for this new friendship! She is yet another strong, wonderful influence I look forward to knowing better. I am all about empowering friendships. This blog itself was encouraged by my closest and dearest confidant, my life sponsor if you will, my sister, my mother, my friend in one. Poor lady, how do you look so amazing in all those hats? Thank you to you as well Sherry!

Progress, not perfection! That is a lesson Sherry always passes to me. I get to end 2018 loving me for me and I am ready to become more of the me I am meant to be! Aren’t you?

Male, female, pretty in pink or strong man in style, we all have a journey and a destination. Enjoy the trip!!

If you are interested in learning more about our products feel free to check out

Either way leave a like and comment below! Tell me where you are on your journey!

Oh, & Happy Holidays! May your celebrations be merry and December be wonderful to you!! Continue to write your own story and I look forward to hearing about your #WIP’s!

2 thoughts on “She Believed She Could & She Did

  1. I love that you state you are a work in progress. I love that you have found a new business. This post is just full of positives. All we can do is improve upon ourselves. I so relate to you and your posts. I’m so glad that I found this post today. 💕

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