Appearance? Matters?

I am looking at the physical self, at my physical self. I am thinking of all the things I hear day in, day out. Too skinny, too heavy, too tall, too short. I am beginning to think that the issue is the word TOO, somehow too implies there is something wrong with us. I have struggled for too long with accepting myself and loving who I am because the reflection in the mirror never lived up to the ideal image of how I thought I should look or how I thought the world expected me to look.

Of course the world has expectations, but for me these little premeditated resentments were a drain on my self esteem. I somehow understood the importance of a physical appearance, yet since I could not mold myself into an unreachable ideal I would let go of myself and do nothing, develop nothing, and sink lower into the feeling of inadequacy.

Why can’t I look more like (insert name here)? Why am I not as good as (insert name here)? The thoughts that keep us held back rather than learning to love ourselves, build ourselves and find beauty in our appearances. I grew tired of these thoughts! Haven’t you?


I am uniquely me today. I say today because this blog is about being in the moment, knowing where my feet are. Right now I am comfortable in my own skin, I accept all of me as I am, from my messy bun, to my chipped tooth, from my worst to my best of me. Which makes it easier to improve and change. >Gulp<

Yes change. I am not perfect. Although today I know no one is and we will never be. That doesn’t mean for the right reasons I can’t work on becoming a better version of me. I never took enough time to truly learn myself. I tried to people please my way into the hearts of those around me, becoming the me I thought they would like best. I never learned what I liked best, what foods I enjoy really, what colors I like best, what styles of hair and clothes. I was too busy being too short, too thick, too scared.

No more! Today I can toss out the too in front of the sentences I use to describe myself and just be. I don’t need to search for some commercialized ideal that I don’t believe in just in the hopes that someone somewhere will like me. I like me. And that friends is a wonderful feeling! So yes, my appearance matters, but not because I need you to accept me, but because I need to accept me. I need to love myself enough to take care of myself, to better myself and be the best me I can be.

We have one body that we will live one life with. I want to live it and value it to the fullest. Don’t you?

I am beautiful, wonderful and awesome. You each are! That still makes it ok, if it is not to appease anyone else, to become a more beautiful, wonderful and awesome you. I have laid a small ground work of who I am, where I was and now to see where I am going.

Thank you for joining me on the journey! Until our next adventure…

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below!


(Photo by Designecologist from Pexels)

6 thoughts on “Appearance? Matters?

  1. This post is so relatable! I love how you start the post admitting you are just like everybody not feeling comfortable with your body. Then turn it around to your determination to change that. To accept and love yourself. It is inspiring and motivating! Thank you so much- for the kind words on twitter to me and for this post. Just shows you – you never know when and how your post might touch someone. So don’t stop writing! Take care ❤️🤗 from FibroMomBlog /blog_fibro on Twitter.

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