An Introduction

Learning to express myself again, learning to use my words for His glory.

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Okay, so where was I when I even started thinking about putting pen to paper again? Why am I blogging today? 1st know I have always wanted to write, I used to write, but I stopped. I allowed someone to make me feel as if I was not good enough and put the pen down. I tucked my words and then myself away.

I was lost, but now am found. I had nothing inside to express, I was empty, but now am filled with His grace and love. I am being pulled to write again, I know I need to follow this calling.

**Look for future blogs that highlight in more detail where I was when I stopped writing and why, this is meant to be the introduction to many topics I will write of**

Who I am today:

Very recently married to my best friend, a mother to four (count them) boys, we each work full time, and each being involved in service… I can in almost every way find so much richness in my life today.

Yet through all my blessings I also find that I still have much to learn about myself. How many of you feel that way at times? We ask why are we here or what our purpose is? We question “who am I”, “why am I here”.

Maybe we won’t ever be able to answer these questions perfectly. Maybe the answers will change as we go along, but change is growth. Growth is a good thing.

For me I want the person looking back at me in the mirror to match the Millie in my mind’s eye; the reflection I want to be and have always seen, but never become, the child my Father had planned for me. He has known me before I was born, His plan existed before I was developed. I am ready to find and fill that purpose.

I am discovering who I am in my faith, I am discovering who I am in this world and how to love that person unconditionally. I am learning to live my best life now, not trudge through the past or worry about the future, but to be the best me in the moment.

And isn’t that good enough?

Our paths may not be the same, but we can walk together. Add your comments and your own experiences below. I would love to see where we all are on this journey of life.

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