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Rebel Christian


Let me say hello! ***And reintroduce myself, I am a Christian blogger who wants to share the mercy, grace and love of a God who saves.. who saved me!***

The Idea Behind.. 

Not all Christians come prim and proper, do we? No! Most anyone who has found their way to true faith come in pretty tattered. I did. Ink on skin, clothes worn, face scowled. I came. I fell. I believed. I rose again. And those tattoos stayed, maybe even a few more to be added. I am still a child of God and today I reflect that in how I live, not how I look.

And thus… 

Rebel Christian comes to fruition. A place that 1st existed in my thoughts to take the beauty of the God I know and the uniqueness of each of us.. and create a welcome place for us all. I hope.. though you may…

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An Introduction

Updated, honest, continuing to grow. Comments appreciated. Thank you and blessings!

Rebel Christian

Learning to express myself again, learning to use my words for His glory.

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Okay, so where was I when I even started thinking about putting pen to paper again? Why am I blogging today? 1st know I have always wanted to write, I used to write, but I stopped. I allowed someone to make me feel as if I was not good enough and put the pen down. I tucked my words and then myself away.

I was lost, but now am found. I had nothing inside to express, I was empty, but now am filled with His grace and love. I am being pulled to write again, I know I need to follow this calling.

**Look for future blogs that highlight in more detail where I was when I stopped writing and why, this is meant to be the introduction to many topics I…

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Mother to Mother Mom to Mum

Different countries, different ages, same feelings, same facts.

Both being mothers & having had our 1st children at a younger age we thought it would be interesting to see how we compare and identify with one another. We found we had way more in common that we had different. When we as women learn to listen we will find as women and as mothers a shared commonality that helps us help each other grow. Let us know who you are, how you liked this and please share with others. Peace and blessings to each of you that read this!

The Introductions:

My name is Millie, I live in the US, am 34, married now with 4 wonderful sons. I had my 1st child at 19 and can still remember the inadequacies I felt and the adjustment into motherhood. It is so interesting to speak with another mother and get to share that with our readers!


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My name is Megan. I am from England and I’m 18. I have one beautiful 9 month old daughter. I was 16 when I got pregnant and had her at the age of 17. It’s been so difficult being a mummy so young but I’m loving every second of it.


The Interview:

  1. Did you enjoy actual pregnancy? If yes what was your favorite part? If no, why not?

Millie: I was pregnant with my 1st son at 18 and I mostly enjoyed pregnancy. I think it was being young and energetic and fun! Everything was new and fun with my 1st son.

Megan: Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy. I had hyperemesis gravidarum so I was extremely sick all the time and in hospital because of dehydration and malnutrition. Once I got to 34 weeks pregnant and was on 3 types of anti-sickness medication 3 times a day, I finally began enjoying it.

**Hyperemesis gravidarum is basically extreme sickness during pregnancy. Reasons for it aren’t clear just yet but there are 2 theories. First one being, a maternal liver disease. The second one being, our bodies aren’t use to the change, automatically thinking its a foreign object in the body and the constant throwing up as a way of trying to get it out. Let us know in the comments if you have had this.**

  1. Did you have any challenges during childbirth? What was your biggest memory from that experience?

Millie: With my 1st son I was in labor 19 hours when our heartbeats started to drop rapidly, I was not dilating and they made a decision to give me a C-Section. I remember being devastated and so scared! I had never had a major surgery before. I tried very hard to act like I was okay, but I had tears running down my face as they wheeled me into the operating room. I think the hardest part was feeling somehow like there was something wrong with me because I could not deliver naturally, but I came to peace with that later on (many years later I want to add).

Megan: That sounds horrible, Millie. I bet it was all worth it in the end! The challenges I experienced were nothing in comparison to Millie’s. I went into back labour so that made it harder than normal. My blood pressure went up so high that the doctors and midwives were scared I was going to have a heart attack so I had blood pressure medication. My contractions stopped so I was put on a hormone drip. After 12 hours of labour, I started pushing and the midwife decided to do a double episiotomy. **An episiotomy is a surgical cut made in the perineum during childbirth** I had two of these. So, I was essentially cut from one hole to the other. After the labour I had to have a blood transfusion as I was so anemic that I couldn’t walk unaided.


Millie: Wow Megan! That sounds so scary, especially for being 17! Who was with you during this? Did you have support in the hospital and afterwards?


Megan: Iris’ father was with me during contractions, alongside my parents. I had my mum and dad in the room with me when she arrived. I was also in hospital for 3 days and they were both tied to my hip! I had loads of support.


  1. What was one of the 1st biggest changes when you came home as a new mother?

Millie:No sleep! Really I think the biggest thing was just not being able to do things whenever I would want to, like nap or go out with friend. It was such an adjustment being responsible for this other life, knowing that I had to put him 1st. I couldn’t go to every party or to a movie or even for a walk with the girls as easily. There is some sacrifice becoming a mother, whether we always want to agree on that or not, well at least in my opinion. Young mothers, especially in our teens, when we are supposed to be the most selfish and learning who we are, have to put a lot of that to the side in order to care for our children. I know for me it was more than an adjustment, but it took time for me to learn who I was and I felt like I was always behind the curve compared to my friends.

Megan: My answer is similar to Millie’s. Although I did get a lot of sleep, I never was able to go out with friends. A typical teenager was able to go out to the cinema, bowling, to their friends house and even out drinking. Selfishly, it was horrible. I hated seeing my friends do what I couldn’t do. I hated not being able to be a normal teenager. However, I accepted the negatives once I became pregnant. Even though I still find it difficult now, I’ve accepted that I gave up my teenage years to grow up alongside my daughter and I really do love it.


  1. What are some challenges you feel you face as a young mom?

Millie: I think I touched on this in number 3., but a big part is giving up the time we are supposed to be learning ourselves to care for our children. It takes time for anyone to find balance with motherhood and independence of who we are, but for young moms we can face even more setbacks.

I also remember feeling inadequate or not like a real mom around the “normal age mothers”, like they looked at me differently. I didn’t fit in with my friends who still “had lives” and I didn’t fit in with other moms because they saw me still “as a kid”. I felt like it took me longer to find my place. Megs, did you ever feel like this?

Megan: Yeah, I feel exactly the same currently. My friends aren’t mothers so they obviously don’t have the same responsibilities as me which makes it difficult to relate to them. Other mums, who are older, see me as a child. I get funny looks in public and awkward conversations occur when someone asks me my age. The ‘you’re not old enough to be a mum’, is probably the hardest part. My age has nothing to do with how I will be as a mother but annoyingly, others see it very differently.

I’m unsure as to whether Millie experienced this or not but I lost many friends during the pregnancy. People never really bothered with me as I couldn’t drink or go out. That is one of the things that affected me most. Apart from the wonderful being in my tummy, I felt very alone during my pregnancy.


Millie: I did experience that! I mean people got tired of me cancelling that they just stopped inviting me. I felt very alone even though I had this amazing child. I lost a lot of friends, but I eventually gained new ones. I can also fully relate to the awful comments from older women. I understand that we are not the norm, but we as women need to be more careful of what we say to each other. There were very few women building me up then. I am obviously not a teen anymore, but I am always respectful of any mother, any age, because I know how words can hurt. That was a hard time for me, an adjustment period, but I found support in other younger mothers through activities which helped me form a new circle of friends.


Megan: Exactly. I am always respectful to other mothers as we are all essentially experience the same thing, just with different twists and turns. Women should build women up and it’s so horrible hearing that at the time you didn’t receive that, Millie.


  1. What is one suggestion or piece of encouragement you would want to give mothers of any age?

Millie: It gets better. Time takes time. Just because you become a mother does not mean that you will automatically have the house, the career, the car, the husband. As a young mom I always felt like I fell short of these ideals I built up in my own mind of how our life should look, the life my son deserved and everyday we didn’t have those things somehow meant I was not giving my son a good quality of living. That is wrong. I may not have had everything in the order I was brought up to think we needed them, but I love my son and I did my best everytime. It didn’t happen overnight, but today that child is an amazing 15 year old soon to be man, we have all those things I thought I would never have because little by slowly we earned them. Breathe easy mothers! It gets better. It really does.

Megan: I completely agree with Millie. Things will not always happen in the ‘ideal order’. Things take time, you must have patience. I’m still waiting for ‘the house, the career, the car, the husband’. I have none of those things. I’m just focusing on my daughter and waiting for those things to come along at a later date.

Being a mummy is the hardest thing in the world, not everyone will agree with you on how you bring your child up. You’ll get advice from here, there and everywhere but do what is best for you and your little one. A mummy’s instinct is usually the right answer.


For more about Millie:


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Happy New Year’s 2019

Hi everyone,

This blog won’t be long. It is just a quick note to each of you wishing you a wonderful New Year’s and the very best to each of us for 2019.

Something is clicking for me and this opportunity in blogging and I know I need to take it. I was not happy with my last post so, like any self critical artist or writer, I deleted it. I am so glad I did though! It was not me and it was definitely not the message I want to build.

2019 is a year of definition for me and this blog was to be a reflection of that. I typically post every other week, this week being my bye week; however I am giving myself the next two weeks to revamp my message and my blog site. Look for some awesome changes the following weekend and thank you to all who follow and show your support!

Let me know in the comments how you were able to find your message, what changes you did for your writing, art, etc. I am looking forward to learning from each of you!

Peace and blessings!


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She Believed She Could & She Did

Well she at least got started.. and as I was always toldStart where you stand


Everyone is always talking about their #WIP, their works in progress; how many words they wrote, feedback of what they are up to. So I thought it would be nice to tell you about mine, a little piece I call >ME<. I am a #WIP. Each day I add another page to my story. Each night I look back and reflect on where I am up to. I look at my positives, what I have packed into the stream of life today, the high points of my story. I look at the lows, where I may even need to go back and rewrite or edit a part (work on myself or fix something I could have done better). I am always thankful for another page.

Blogging itself has brought me even to a whole new chapter! It has given me a chance to share with others my story and connect with others who have similar pages in their tales. It’s all about identification!

In my 1st blog I said how this would be a journey of finding me. While I have learned lots of who I am not it is now time to discover and build who I am . I have already begun to meet so many amazing people and do new things, push new boundaries and break existing beliefs about myself! So then, what is next for me on this path?


Enter – again attraction – a woman more further along on her own journey, a new friend and now business associate, Yasmine, whom introduced me to Younique Beauty Products, an empowering and wonderful opportunity to build myself and help others. Now this is not an advertisement or somehow morphing into a makeup tutorial blog. No, I am not a makeup artist or professional by any means! Even more interesting part of my path here and choice to join the company I should add.

I am really someone who wears too may ponytails, trades that in for a messy bun and is blessed she has never gouged an eye out with a mascara brush. I would easily trade in a Pilates day for pizza and shoes for bare feet and my husband’s sweat pants.

I said from the beginning though this is a blog about finding me, right? And even I would love to know how I look in a red dress, black heels and that perfect curl. Ok, well… that may be way in the future, for now… bring on the color palettes, sparkly flats and darker jeans! It is baby steps.

We all can’t start as professionals, but if you want a few laughs, a few lessons, to learn together you may be interested in following my writing and business journey. I would hope that you are as we all can have so much to learn from one another!

Thank you Yasmine for this new friendship! She is yet another strong, wonderful influence I look forward to knowing better. I am all about empowering friendships. This blog itself was encouraged by my closest and dearest confidant, my life sponsor if you will, my sister, my mother, my friend in one. Poor lady, how do you look so amazing in all those hats? Thank you to you as well Sherry!

Progress, not perfection! That is a lesson Sherry always passes to me. I get to end 2018 loving me for me and I am ready to become more of the me I am meant to be! Aren’t you?

Male, female, pretty in pink or strong man in style, we all have a journey and a destination. Enjoy the trip!!

If you are interested in learning more about our products feel free to check out

Either way leave a like and comment below! Tell me where you are on your journey!

Oh, & Happy Holidays! May your celebrations be merry and December be wonderful to you!! Continue to write your own story and I look forward to hearing about your #WIP’s!

Appearance? Matters?

I am looking at the physical self, at my physical self. I am thinking of all the things I hear day in, day out. Too skinny, too heavy, too tall, too short. I am beginning to think that the issue is the word TOO, somehow too implies there is something wrong with us. I have struggled for too long with accepting myself and loving who I am because the reflection in the mirror never lived up to the ideal image of how I thought I should look or how I thought the world expected me to look.

Of course the world has expectations, but for me these little premeditated resentments were a drain on my self esteem. I somehow understood the importance of a physical appearance, yet since I could not mold myself into an unreachable ideal I would let go of myself and do nothing, develop nothing, and sink lower into the feeling of inadequacy.

Why can’t I look more like (insert name here)? Why am I not as good as (insert name here)? The thoughts that keep us held back rather than learning to love ourselves, build ourselves and find beauty in our appearances. I grew tired of these thoughts! Haven’t you?


I am uniquely me today. I say today because this blog is about being in the moment, knowing where my feet are. Right now I am comfortable in my own skin, I accept all of me as I am, from my messy bun, to my chipped tooth, from my worst to my best of me. Which makes it easier to improve and change. >Gulp<

Yes change. I am not perfect. Although today I know no one is and we will never be. That doesn’t mean for the right reasons I can’t work on becoming a better version of me. I never took enough time to truly learn myself. I tried to people please my way into the hearts of those around me, becoming the me I thought they would like best. I never learned what I liked best, what foods I enjoy really, what colors I like best, what styles of hair and clothes. I was too busy being too short, too thick, too scared.

No more! Today I can toss out the too in front of the sentences I use to describe myself and just be. I don’t need to search for some commercialized ideal that I don’t believe in just in the hopes that someone somewhere will like me. I like me. And that friends is a wonderful feeling! So yes, my appearance matters, but not because I need you to accept me, but because I need to accept me. I need to love myself enough to take care of myself, to better myself and be the best me I can be.

We have one body that we will live one life with. I want to live it and value it to the fullest. Don’t you?

I am beautiful, wonderful and awesome. You each are! That still makes it ok, if it is not to appease anyone else, to become a more beautiful, wonderful and awesome you. I have laid a small ground work of who I am, where I was and now to see where I am going.

Thank you for joining me on the journey! Until our next adventure…

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below!


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